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Eden RPC Details

Network Name: Eden Rocket
Chain ID: 1
Currency Name: ETH
RPC URL: https://api.edennetwork.io/v1/beta
Explorer URL: https://explorer.edennetwork.io

You're good to go

Just trade normally on Ethereum and all your trades will now be routed through Eden's private transaction queue. Bots can no longer see and exploit your trades - welome to the VIP trading experience on Ethereum!

The best thing? It's totally free - Eden Network does not take any fee for protecting your trades.

What's the catch?

Nothing, nada, zero. This service is completely free.

We would love it if you can share this service on Twitter but that is by no means mandatory!

Do you offer any other services?

Yes we do!

If you stake at least 100 $EDEN we will pay you for every trade you make and give you priority in block space. The priority gets you EVEN BETTER execution prices on your trades and you get paid for EVERY trade on top.

NB: We recommend you use our free service before staking to make sure you think it is as good as we do!

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You're in good company

Eden RPC - The best decision you can make:

When you trade on Ethereum your trade is submitted to a public transaction queue before it's executed. This means malicious bots can see and exploit your trade resulting in your trade being more expensive. Ever wondered why your slippage is always maxed out? That's probably a bot exploiting your trade and costing you money.

Eden RPC results in you submitting your trade to a private transaction queue - so no one can see and exploit your trade.

The best bit? It's completely free!