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Priority + Get Paid to Trade on Our RPC

Welcome to the best kept secrect on Ethereum. Why? Because once you stake EDEN everyone wants to keep all the benefits to themselves! And yes - you can trade ANYWHERE on Ethereum and enjoy these benefits.

Step 1:

Buy EDEN Here

Step 2:

Stake EDEN Here

Congrats - Your Ethereum trading experience just got even better!

When you stake EDEN you will be given the benefit of priority and rewards

Your stake is not burnt, taxed or reduced in any way. It acts as a deposit that you can claim back at any time.

When you stake, Eden Network, in return gives you priority and rewards when trading on Ethereum.

Priority - What does it do for me?

In return for staking Eden Network will give you priority block space on every trade you make when you use the RPC.

Jump to the front of the queue even if someone has a higher priority fee. You must pay the minimum fee to enter the block - but once you're in - you jump to the front! Enjoy our miners giving you the VIP experience.

Why should you care about priority?

Priority is a cool word but it actually gives you an edge on every trade you make on Ethereum. There are unlimited use cases for it but here are a few common ones:

  • Better pricing on Dex Swaps
  • Better pricing when you are involved in an IDO
  • An edge on popular NFT drops
I'm in - Where do I stake?

You're in good company

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